Monday, February 27, 2017

How Am I Making Others Feel?

Have you ever been so moved by someone that you couldn't stop thinking about the encounter with them?

Moved because just being around this person made you feel special, they made you feel important and loved?

I had an encounter like that recently and it touched my heart so much that I just could not stop thinking about it. 

Let me fill in a few details for you...

My daughter and I had gone to a book tour and were attending the "meet and greet" time, okay they didn't call it that but that's what it was. You know, you stand in a line with a bunch of other women to get your chance for a few words and a quick picture with the "celebrity", then you move on and let the next person have their two minutes with them.

Anyway, we were standing in line to have the worship leader sign our journals and get our picture with her and realized it was taking a very long time even though the line was relatively short. You see, this person did not have anyone "supervising" and "regulating" how long she spent with each fan like the author did. Now don't get me wrong, I totally understand the need to manage time and usher people through, otherwise the line would never move and we'd be there all night. I get it.

But you see the thing is, that because this person didn't have anyone doing that, we got to witness something extremely beautiful. 

This person radiated love and genuineness to each person in that line. When it was your turn to meet her, she greeted you with a warm smile and a huge, tight hug. It was not a one arm, this is part of meeting everyone kind of hug. I'm telling you she squeezed you and held on to you for a moment and it was genuine. She apologized for the long wait and looked into your eyes as you spoke. She laughed, she took selfies, she prayed with those that needed it and she had dozens of conversations with strangers like she had known each of them for years. For those moments in her presence, you couldn't help but feel loved and noticed. She made you feel like whatever you were saying was all that was important in that moment. That you were important.

It really got me thinking.

Do people feel like this from being around me?

Do I make people feel loved and important?

Unfortunately, I don't think so.

But because I experienced this with her, it has inspired me.

You see, I know that is was Jesus' love inside her that was oozing out onto everyone she came in contact with. It wasn't just her, it was Jesus in her.

And to me that is exciting.

It's exciting because it gives me hope that I can be like that.

I can pray and ask Jesus to help me, I can ask Him to fill me so full that He overflows onto everyone I meet.

I can be intentional and I can grow these qualities in myself that I saw in her.

It may take awhile and I have no doubt it will take a lot of effort on my part, at least at first, but I know I can develop these qualities.

Not because it's me, but because I have Jesus in me.

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