Sunday, February 26, 2017

Letting Go of Fear

I didn't realize it at first, but I had let fear and perfectionism stop me from doing what God had called me to do.

God told me to create WHEW Tribe to encourage and lift up other women; to let them know they were not alone.

I made excuses: I don't have time, I don't know what to write, I don't know what they need, and on and on...

But the truth is...

I was afraid of what some people might say if I wrote what was really on my heart.

I was afraid of the criticism I might get if I didn't write properly, using the right grammar and punctuation. Because goodness knows it's been a long time since I was in school.

I was afraid of the negative comments I might get; of the theological debates that might ensue if I shared my beliefs. I am not a theologian by any means. 


It's such a powerful thing.

A crippling thing.

But do you know what? All of those things I was afraid of weren't even REAL! They were all things that MIGHT happen, things I let the devil whisper in my ear to keep me from DOING what I was called to do. 

It kept me from doing anything. 

The fear of doing it wrong kept me from doing it at all. 

But then God.

God spoke to me.

Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending IF:Gathering in Austin, TX with three of my best friends. We had a BLAST! Oh my goodness- we laughed, we cried and we laughed so hard we cried! But we also drew near to Jesus. We worshiped. We prayed. We leaned in close.

And He met us there.

He'll meet you anywhere, He will.

But let me just tell you, He was there.

He knew what I needed to hear and He spoke it right to me through Jennie Allen (and some other pretty amazing women). I learned from each of them, but Jennie is the one that spoke what I needed to hear.

I was reminded of my calling, my mission. I am to disciple other women. I am to share Jesus' love with them. I don't need to grow a big blog. I don't need to write a book. I just need to love Jesus and give Him away. 

That's it. Love Jesus and give Him away.

It's that simple.

I was trying to make it hard, trying to make some big thing of it. When all I have to do is love Him and then share Him with others.

Okay God, I can do that.

But wait...
there was more for me.

God also reminded me of a very important truth.....I have nothing to prove. Again through Jennie Allen, this truth resonated with me so deeply I can't even describe it to you. 

I don't have to prove anything to anyone.

I am enough.

Just as I am.

Because I have Jesus...

and Jesus is enough.

This one truth is unbelievably freeing.

I've only begun to dig into this concept through Jennie's new book, Nothing to Prove, but I can tell you that even if I don't read another word, it has changed everything for me.

I can quit struggling.

I can quit trying to live up to some image I've created in my mind.

I can be who God created me to be and that is enough.

So here I am.. in all my imperfections..ready to share the love of Jesus with anyone willing to listen.

I pray you are blessed and encouraged, but mostly I pray you feel Jesus' love here.

~ Kim

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