About This Blog

I'm so excited you found Whew Tribe!! 

And I love that you are reading this page to learn what this blog is all about.

My vision for this blog is for it to become a tribe full of women helping and encouraging other women. I want us to encourage each other to be real, to be open and to be honest. 

I want you to say "Whew! I'm not alone!"

I want us to encourage each other in every area of our lives - marriages, children, careers, family, faith, food, fitness or whatever other area we decide to talk about. We all struggle at times, and I feel it is vital that we know we are not alone. None of us are perfect. No, not one. We are all learning as we go and sometimes it's helpful to hear from others that are either going through a similar situation or already have. 

Things we CAN do:
learn from each other
encourage each other
pray for each other
give grace to each other

Things we CAN'T do:
belittle one another
be jealous of one another
boss one another
be hateful to one another

I hope you will find hope, comfort, love, acceptance and grace here. I encourage interaction on the blog and Facebook page - I'd love it! However, I won't tolerate rudeness. Any comment that includes any of the above mentioned "can'ts" will be deleted. There is too much negativity in the world, let's spread kindness and love instead!

Whew! We aren't alone!

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