Thursday, December 8, 2016

Live in the Moment Mama

As a mama of teenagers, I want to encourage all the mamas of littles in something-

Mama, these moments won't last forever.

So don't forget to live in this moment.

I know it can be hard, especially when you've changed your third dirty diaper of the day or you just had to comb snot out of your hair. Let's not forget the dog poo that got tracked across the floor or the cheerio floating in your coffee. (At least it isn't the other way around, right?!)

I'm not going to pretend that every moment of motherhood is wonderful. 

It's not.

It can be hard. Really hard.

But it's also wonderful. It's full of slobber kisses and squeezy hugs.

It's a time for snuggles and bedtime stories.

It's full of giggles, tickles and zerberts.

Mama, I know you get tired. I know that your babies need you every single minute of the day and sometimes you'd give anything for a moment of quiet.

Just quiet. Just you and your thoughts with no tugging on your shirt tail with details of what their last trip to the potty looked like. 

Can I just tell you that it's okay to be tired? It's okay to want a moment's peace. It's okay to want to go to the bathroom by yourself. 

It's okay.

But can I also encourage you by saying that those moments really will be gone before you are ready? I know you don't think so. You wonder how on earth you could miss all that, but trust me, you will. 

One day your time will be filled with teenagers hollaring bye as they drive off with their friends. One day you will be watching your daughter put on make up and realize she is quickly becoming a woman. One day you'll realize you don't remember the last time you tucked them in.

Then you'll run in your 19y.o. son's bedroom and tuck him in tight like you used to just to irritate him and make him laugh.

Oh don't worry, you'll still have plenty of snot and poop stories. They'll still bring you their kleenex and say here mom ya wanna see my snot.  Um, no, I think I'll pass - as they try to make you look at it.

 It's okay to be tired and it's okay to take time for yourself. You need it. You need to find time to get alone with your thoughts and with God and just be still. It's a good thing, a needed thing.

But please don't wish these times away too fast. Don't get so tired and frustrated that you miss these moments. When you're wiping up kool aid for the fifth time, breathe and take a moment to thank God for these little ones. These blessings that God has given you to be their Mama. 

Don't let the spills, the messes, the tantrums and the snot take away your joy.

Remember that these moments really won't last forever and some day you will struggle to remember those cute little antics they did. The days of cardboard box spaceships and blanket forts will be gone.

The days of sending each other funny snapchats and annoying emoji texts will take their place.

Each season of motherhood has different struggles, but they also each have their own beautiful, wonderful moments.

So mama, live in those moments. Take pictures of those moments - the funny, everyday messy moments, not just the picture perfect moments. Enjoy each moment. Love your children through each moment.

Because those moments are what matter. The ordinary every day moments are what make up your life and it's where your children will learn they are loved and that you wouldn't trade them for anything.

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